A lot of us have your dogs for most of their life.  We get them when they are a puppy or young and energetic.  It is so much fun to interact with them, play hide and seek, chase them and have them chase us, and so on and so on.  Sometimes we forget that they age far faster than we do and we continue to treat them as puppies even into their older years.  This can cause problems.

Our dog can still be a great companion as he gets older.  He still loves us just as much if he can’t fetch the stick from across the yard when we throw it.  He still needs the ability to be a useful member of the family even though he can’t protect us like he did when he was younger.

Just as we age, and we understand that we can’t do all the things we did when “we were in high school”, we must give our dog the came consideration.  We need to take into account his senior needs and abilities as we interact with him.  This means that we need to change our level of energetic activity as well as his nutrition needs.

Robin and I have had to deal with this issue several times over the last several years as the more senior members of our canine pack have become older.  We have a great dog training article on Understanding Your Older Dog on our dog training blog that we hope you will read.

Understanding your older dog in Jasper Georgia