We all love our puppies and always want the best for them.  We give them fun toys, feed them the best food we can find, and want to keep them safe and happy.  We also want to see that they have the opportunity to play with other dogs.

Just like people, puppies are social creatures and thrive in an environment of interaction with other animals (i.e other puppies).  It is so much fun for us to watch them play.  Sometimes, though, it looks like they are trying to hurt each other and that “play” is turning into something outwardly aggressive and possibly dangerous.

We need to allow play but also must keep our puppies safe.  Both of these things are our job and responsibility as being their provider and care giver.  Understanding what is appropriate and not appropriate can often be a difficult thing to determine.  Is a specific action aggressive or simply playful?

Robin and I have a great article that helps to explain all of this for you.  We first explain the importance of your puppy’s playtime interaction.  We next discuss the appropriate “games” that all puppies play and the importance of each game.  Finally, we give you some great insights as to determining what is play and what might turn into a dangerous incident.  Please take a moment to read our great puppy training article titled “How Do I Manage My Puppy’s Play Time with Other Puppies”.

Understand how your puppy plays with other puppies