We Americans love our cars and spend many hours each day driving from one place to another.  Our cars are great because they have been designed for our safety and enjoyment in mind.

The seats in our cars are really comfortable.  The sound system makes us feel like we are in the middle of an orchestra hall.  The temperature is perfect, and the big windows give us a wonderful view of the world whisking past us.

On top of all this, our cars are designed to keep us as safe as possible.  There are seat belts, air bags, shatter-proof glass, crunch zones, and much, much more.

None of these things were specifically designed to keep our dogs safe and happy.  That is our job. Robin and I have a great article that will allow you to keep your dog safe and happy in the car as you are doing the same. Please check out our dog training article titled “How Should My Dog Ride in the Car with Me”.

Have your dog safe and happy in the car