Puppies are so cute and energetic and are just full of unconditional love.  We love to play with them and they love to “play back at us”.  No matter what size our puppy will become, they all start out small and easy to handle.

There are many things that we can teach our dogs and many lessons to teach.  The amazing thing is that, as humans, we can make a lot of mistakes along the way and our wonderful dogs “will forgive us” and easily adapt when we need to make “courses corrections” to what we have been doing.

There is one, really big action that is really hard to correct if we don’t get it right when our puppy is young.  No, this isn’t potty training, we can always fix that.  It deals with our puppy’s general disposition and how they will eventually view the world and us.

Robin and I have a great dog training article titled “What is the One Thing I Never Want to do With My Puppy” that explains what is going on and what not to do.  This is a big thing and we hope that all of you who are thinking about a puppy or have just brought a puppy home will take the time and read this.  You will be really glad that you did.

It is important that you don't play rough with your puppy