We all love our dogs and always want to do the very best for them.  We love to have them with us when we are watching TV in the evening and to take long walks on Saturday morning.  We are always giving them goodies and have great times playing with them.

Does that make us a good and responsible dog owner?  Is there a difference between finding time to play with our dogs and being responsible for them?  In short, the answer is “Yes”.  Life is not just one, long party.  There are things we must do that will be defined as “responsible” that do not fall into the category of “Happy Play”.

In order to have the wonderful and fun relationship that we want with our dogs, we must also understand that we have taken on a new form of responsibility.  We are normally good and responsible parents to our children; but does the same hold true for our dogs?  Robin and I have a great article that outlines the steps you must take in order to be a “Responsible Parent to your Dog”.  Please take a look at our article titled “How Do I Know if I am a Responsible Dog Owner”.

Understand the requirements for responsible dog ownership