There is a wonderful bond between children and puppies.  This is a promise of trust and friendship that starts as our children are young and can enlarge as they become adults.  There is the saying that “If you like dogs and dogs like you, you must be a good person.”  Although this is sometimes said in jest, most people put a lot of truth in the statement.

Nurturing this bond is an important job for all of us “parents”.  It will not only give our children an experience and memories that they will fondly remember, it strengthens their character and will make them better people. Making sure that our children’s first encounter with puppies and dogs is critical in starting this process.

It is important that we can monitor and manage the interaction with our children and dogs in such a way that allows them to properly interact.  In the same time, we need to understand that they are just children and dogs; things can happen.  A quick move may scare a puppy and cause them to nip a child.  A running dog may cause a child to pull their tail.  A whole host of inappropriate and instantaneous actions could take place that could lead to an unfortunate event.

Robin and I have some great suggestions and a great training exercise that can help create a safe social and learning experience for both your puppy and your child.  Please take a look at our training article titled “How Do I Make Sure My Young Son and Puppy Have a Great Relationship”.

Create a great relationship between your child and your puppy