Probably the two happiest moments for you in your new puppy’s life are when you bring him home and when he finally stops pottying on your carpet. The first moment is pretty easy to create.  All you need to do is go to the breeder or shelter and bring him home.  The second moment is one that often baffles many puppy owners for weeks and sometimes months.

The simple question that we all must ask is “Why is potty training so hard?”.  We all believe that we are pretty smart people.  We can normally figure things out.  If we can’t, we can always Google a Youtube video.  So why are we stumped when it comes to potty training our new puppy?

The secret is that we need to understand when and why our puppy is going to the bathroom.  We need to figure out how we can discover when he needs to get outside and if we can modify the situation or at least make it consistent.  We need to learn more that we must teach.

The process focuses on our puppy’s natural instincts regarding his environment as well as the unique interaction of his metabolism, our schedule, and proper nutrition.  It is much more than simply saying “Good Puppy” every time he potties.

Robin and I have a really great article that provides some simple steps that will get you a long way in having a potty-free house.  Please take a moment to read our dog training blog titled “What Are Potty Training Tips for my Puppy”.

Potty Training your Puppy