I think that we all can agree that the best part of puppies is their unconditional love and affection.  This, coupled with their natural high energy, makes them really fun to play with.  As with all children, puppies and humans included, child play is the first form of learning and socialization.

The one problem that we all experience with our puppies is that they can misbehave.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad or vindictive.  It simply means that as they are “going through the list of things they can do at that moment”, they have picked one that we don’t accept and is breaking our rules.

Even though your puppy is doing that “mischievous thing”, he has no idea that you think it is wrong.  That is because all puppies and dogs want to please and fit in with the group.  You need to redirect and correct his behavior in order to move him in the right direction for you and your family.

Your puppy can do a lot of mischievous things and you need an answer that can address most or all of them as quickly as possible.  Robin and I have a great and simple answer that can help resolve your puppy’s behavior.  Please read our dog training article titled “Why is My Puppy Getting into So Much Mischief”.

Teach your dog what to do to not get into mischief