The biggest mistake that many dog owners do is focus far more on things like “Come”, “Sit”, and “Stay” than what is really important.  Let’s think about this for a moment…

When you were in school and the teacher was going to teach you some math problems from the chalk board, you were ready to learn and could easily concentrate on what was going on.  Why was that?

The reason was that you felt safe and understood what was going on and understood that you were the student with all the other kids and you were there to learn.  We often to not communicate to our dog that he is safe, and everything around him will be fine.

If you don’t assure your dog that all is fine because you are the one making sure he will always be safe, you will never be able to guide him to the actions you require for him to establish a position in your family.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that will quickly resolve this shortcoming and give you a great dog for life.  Please check out our article titled “What is the One Thing My Dog Needs to Know”.

Your dog needs to feel safe and secure before you can start training him