It is important to understand that, even though the temperature may be fine for us, our dogs still could suffer from overheating.  We need to understand that while our dogs are running, jumping, chasing, barking, and playing; we are normally just sitting and watching.

We come inside and think that a quick drink of water may be all they need to feel just fine.  In many instances, this may be OK.  We think this because it is normally the case for us.  We very rarely run around outside and come in to suffer from heat stroke.

Unfortunately, this is not always the same for our dogs.  The problem that we often overlook is the differences in the “cooling mechanisms” of humans and dogs.  Our dog’s “cooling mechanism” is far less efficient that ours and this can lead to their overheating.  This overheating can easily lead to situations that can put them in very dangerous health risks.  Please check out our dog training article titled “Can My Dog Overheat Even if It Feels Nice and Cool to Me” and help to protect your dog.

Always be aware of your dog's activities and the environment around you and your dog.