We all love to walk our dogs.  It is a time where the both of us can get out of the house and go on a little adventure.  Even though we normally walk the same way every time, there always seems to be something new and fun to see and experience.

The one thing that we all need to understand is that most dogs just don’t “walk themselves”.  They don’t necessarily understand what the leash is all about and they may have different priorities when they get out into the “real world”.

Factors such as socialization, leadership definition, focus, adrenaline, and safety rules all come into play when we walk our dog.  If all of these things start to discourage you from taking your favorite pooch out for a stroll; don’t worry.  A little bit of practice and understanding can easily put you on the right path to a great walking experience.

Robin and I have spent many years teaching proper walking techniques to our clients.  The great news is that it is pretty simple and our dogs quickly learn what they need to know.  We have documented our training tips in a great article that we think will greatly help all dog owners.  Please take a look at our dog training blog titled “What Is Most Important to Have a Great Walk with My Dog”.

Some great tips when walking your dog