We all love our dogs and we all love it when they obey and respect us.  This is something that normally just “doesn’t happen”.  It takes time and often a good amount of hard work.  Training is a key factor in having a great dog and loving companion.

The problem that we often experience when our dog is not responding to our training methods is that we are not taking our dog’s perspective and abilities into consideration.

Have you ever had a teacher that you thought was excellent and your friend thought was horrible?  You both might be in the same classroom listening to the same lecture.  One of you may “be getting it” while the other “is completely lost”.  If the person that “is completely lost” doesn’t speak up to the teacher, they will never learn to the lesson.

The problem is that our dogs don’t have an easy way to tell us when “they are completely lost”.  As their teachers, we need to understand when this happens and to determine what we can to to “help them learn”.  Please check out our article on “What Should I Do When My Dog Just Doesn’t Seem to Get It” to help your dog be an exceptional student.

What should you do when your dog just isn't learning from your teaching style