When I went to the chalk board in fifth grade to do a math problem, Mrs. Kraft would either praise me for getting the right answer or correct me when the answer was wrong.  These are both critical parts of the learning process.  They are the bookends that mark the edges of our educational journey.

The important thing to remember about the action of correction is it should result in a positive learning experience.  The same is true for our dogs.

When we correct our dog, it should result in his heightened focus and attentiveness to our next actions.  It can never cause fear, angst, or anger.  Unfortunately, some dogs come to us with conditions and experiences they can’t tell us about.

Sometimes our good intentions in teaching will scare our dogs.  Please check out our dog training article on “What Should I Do When My Dog Cowers When I Correct Him” to discover how to manage your correction process.

If your dog cowers when you correct him, you need to change the method in which you are correcting