It is amazing how early school seem to start every year.  This year in Georgia, it starts between August 1st and August 7th.  Isn’t that still the middle of Summer?  With that said, we need to get our kids and ourselves ready for school and that ever encroaching “first day”.

As we are running around, trying to get ready, have you ever thought what is going through your dog’s head?  In his mind, everything should be still a time of playing with the kids in the back yard all day, long walks with you in the afternoon, and a house always full with people.  In a very short time, his world will become exactly the opposite.

The problem is that “your dog never received the memo” that things were going to change drastically.  He will not understand and can possibly act out his confusion with fearful, destructive actions.  He may possibly become passively aggressive.  You need to make sure that your dog “gets the memo too”.  Robin and I have a great article that will help you prepare your dog for the start of your kids’ school.  Please check out our article titled “How Do I Prepare My Dog for the First Day of School”.

How should I prepare my dog for my kids' return to school?