Potty Training your dog or puppy can often be a mystery and you are never sure if you are getting it right or wrong.  To make matters worse, potty training requires that you are there when you need to let your puppy out and you are there to make sure he doesn’t potty on the rug.

If you are gone all day for work or other reasons, your puppy probably won’t be able to “hold it” and is going to potty somewhere.  You can’t leave him outside because of safety reasons.  You can’t leave him roaming inside because you will never find his “potty mistake” when you come home.  You can’t leave him in his crate because you are trying to teach him not to go in his crate.

Is the only thing left for your puppy to “send him to the moon” when you can’t be home?  This may be possible sometime in the future, but not now.  Robin and I have a great solution for this problem that we have successfully provided our clients for years. Please read our article on “How Can I Potty Train My Dog When I Am Gone All Day Long” to discover the answer.

What to do when you can't be home and need to potty train your dog