With destination holidays, airplane deals, and less and less vacation days off; road trips are not quite as prevalent as they were in the past.  With that said, there still are a lot of families that travel to relatives on holidays and other special events.

Road trips can be fun because we can possibly go to a distant family member’s home and experience new things.  They may have different “toys” we could play with, new restaurants to try, or distant relatives that we haven’t chatted with for a long time.  Needless to say, our schedule and focus on a road trip is very different that when we are home.

Different schedules and points of focus are things we can understand and address.  Our dogs often don’t understand these things.  More importantly, their bladder may not understand these things.

Let me say it another way, when you instantly change your routine with no clear warning for your dog, you are going to have potty problems.  Robin and I have a simple procedure that will help you address potty issues on trips.  Please take a look at our dog training article titled “What Are Potty Training Tips While on the Road”.

Potty Training Trips While Traveling over Christmas