Potty training can often seem like black magic to so many people.  It works and then it doesn’t work and then it works again and then there is another accident.  It can be a constant struggle.  Sometimes we simply ask ourselves “How can my puppy have so much poop all the time?

There are several problems that are coming into play here.  The first problem began with us when we were kids.  Our mother was always filling up our plate and making sure that our lunch bag was overflowing as we went off to school.  Oh, he is just a growing boy.  I don’t want her to go hungry.  Our American culture always taught us that more was better and a full plate was a sign of prosperity and health.

The second problem arises from our foolish belief in watching and believing commercials on TV and the internet.  Oh, that dog food has pictures of great looking food.  That must be a good dog food. Hey, there are happy dogs playing in that commercial for that dog food.  It will make my dog happy and if he is happy, he must be healthy.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Your puppy is still pooping all over the place. The answer is really simple, and we would like to share it with you in our dog training article titled “Why is My Puppy Pooping So Much”.

Potty training also involves moderation and appropriate nutritional considerations