This weekend marks the “official start of summer” and that is really a great thing.  It means that the weather is finally warm again and we will be spending a lot more time outside in this great North Georgia environment.

One of the activities that we all love to do during the summer is to cool off in the pool.  We play games with our friends in the pool like Marco Polo, have diving contests to see “who is the Olympic Gold Medalist” or just float around with a cold drink in our hands.  We understand the pool and it is a place of great relaxation and enjoyment for us.

We also love our dogs and want to have them enjoy life with us as much as possible.  We see that they often want to be in the water with us and we think it is a fun thing to have them swimming around the pool.

Having dogs in the pool is not a big deal for us.  Sometimes we see them jump in the pool all by themselves.  We normally think nothing of it.  There is one very big and dangerous problem that we need to address.

Pool safety is critical for us, our families, our children, our friends, and our neighbors.  Although the pool is a great place, it also is a place where we could die in a matter of minutes.  We spend a great deal of time and effort educating all “the humans” how to behave around pools, proper pool etiquette, and necessary safety measures and procedures.

All we teach our dogs is “Hey Rover, jump in!”  We are responsible for everyone in our pool and that includes our dogs.  Just as we take proper measures to protect our human pool buddies when they are in the pool, we must do the same with our canine pool buddies.

Robin and I have a great article that explains all of this for you. Please take a moment and read our dog training blog titled “How Do I Keep My Dog Safe Around the Swimming Pool”.

You must teach your dog how to get out of the pool