As the weather starts to get warmer, that pool is looking better and better.  We all love going into the pool and sometimes get a little excited when we are going to the pool or playing in the pool.  And, shy not?  The pool is a fun place we can enjoy.

This is all great and wonderful for us, but we often send an inappropriate signal to our dogs when we act in this manner.  Since we are excited and crazy as we have pool time, our actions often are interpreted by our dogs that they can be excited and crazy too.

If you have ever had dogs running around the pool constantly barking at you or jumping on your back while you are in the pool, you probably don’t appreciate a dog that is totally out of control while you are in the pool.

Robin and I have a really great dog training exercise that will help you understand how to get your dog to understand that the pool time can be fun for all.  The best news is that your dog will stop driving your crazy and you both will still be having fun. Please read our dog training article titled “How Do We Keep Our Dog from Going Nuts When We Get in the Pool”.

Don't have a crazy dog when you want to have some fun in the pool