We all love our dogs and want to do everything possible to keep  them safe.  We also want to play with our dogs and love to give them the freedom to be happy, socialize, and explore.  These are both wonderful and admirable things.  The problem is that sometimes our best intentions lead to very bad results.

There are many things around the house and in our yard that we use and even eat every day.  We think nothing of them.  The problems is that these same things may be very poisonous to our dog.  Giving them these things or allowing them to “get at these things” could make them sick or even much, much worse.

This doesn’t mean that we need to eliminate all these “bad things for dogs” from our home and our lives.  To give you a small “spoiler alert”, chocolate and avocados are bad for my dogs.  I love anything chocolate and always have guacamole with my chips. I am not going to give up my dog or my goodies.

It is important that clearly understand how to manage these “bad dog things” around the house in order to protect your dog while still living a life that is great both for you and your dog. A little bit of preparation, planning, observation, and vigilance is all that you and all your family members will require to make all this happen.

Robin and I have a great dog training and safety article that quickly lays all of this out for you.  Please take a look at our blog titled “What Should I Know About Dog Safety and Poisons Around My Home”.  We want to make sure that “you can have your dog and your chocolate too”.

Some great tips on things poisonous to your dog