We all love to play with our dogs.  That is one of the reasons most of us have dogs; to have a buddy to mess around with.  Well, it is really great and even wonderful exercise for both of us to have a happy and strenuous play time.  The problem that many of our clients communicate to us is that they find it really hard to “turn off the play time”.

We are told that even after a good amount of time running, jumping, and fetching outside, our clients’ dogs come inside and still want to go crazy.  Although this normally happens with Labs, Goldens, and Shepherds, it can happen with any dog.

When we are told this, we need to talk to our clients about managing their activities and to understand their general role in the relationship with their dog.  As always, it is important that they build a relationship of leadership, respect, and trust with their dog.  This creates a “leader – follower” environment that their dog understands and requires.  When they decide to play with their dog, they are temporarily stepping down from “being the boss” to “being a playmate”.

The problem that our clients are discussing is based on the fact that they are not reestablishing their “I am the boss” relationship after the playtime.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that can help you easily reestablish your leadership role at the end of playtime.  Please take a look at Play with Your Dog to Create Good Manners and have a great play time and an even better “after play time”.

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