Before I start to talk about petting your dog, let’s remind ourselves of something.  Remember when you were a kid and you had that relative that would come over and always meet you by punching you in the arm or messing up your hair?  You didn’t like meeting that relative and, the truth be said, wanted to punch him back.  Sometimes you might have hid when he came over.

Even though this family member may have loved you and had not bad intentions, his or her greeting made you afraid and angry.  The same can be said, at times, when we interact with our dog.

The way you pet or touch your dog will communicate many things to your dog.  What you may think is a perfectly appropriate way of greeting him and showing affection could be scaring him and even making him socially aggressive.

We have a great, simple, and short dog training article that quickly explains what you may be doing wrong and how to properly interact and pet your dog.  You will see instant results.  Please read our article on “Properly Pet and Interact with your Dog” and stop being that crazy family member you remember as a kid.

When you properly pet and show affection to your dog, he will understand that you will care and protect him. He will also understand that you are the boss and the one your dog should respect and provide focus