Many dog owners have the problem of their dog nipping their pants as they pass by them.  Sometimes this bad behavior stops as the dog grows out of being a puppy.  Unfortunately, this bad behavior sometimes does not stop as the dog grows older.

When your dog nips your pants, that is bad enough.  It can be come a far bigger issue if your dog nips the pants of your house guests or other people coming into the house.  A simple nip can easily escalate into something more adrenalized and even turn into a bite.

It is important to stop this behavior as quickly as possible and to be sure it will not return.  The problem is that the way most humans try to stop this behavior actually escalates that in their dogs eyes.  We have a great article on “Stop Your Dog Nipping Your Pants” that will detail what you can easily do to have your dog understand that they can’t nip you anymore.  Please take a moment and read it today.

Stop your dog from nipping your pants through proper dog training from Home Dog Training of North Georgia