New Year’s resolutions are always difficult to keep.  That is why we always make the same ones every year.  If it were not for New Year’s resolutions, most Health Clubs and gyms would be out of business.  They make their money with all the members who join, lock into a year or two-year membership plan, and (somehow) never come back.

It is easy to “make a promise” if you don’t make it with someone.  You need someone to keep you accountable.  It is also important that your promise, or resolution, is something that is important. Things like your health, friends, and lifestyle are normally at the top of the list.

So, how can we accomplish these self-imposed goals and why are we talking about this in a dog training blog?  The answer is simple.

When it gets right down to it, you probably talk with and spend more time with your dog than most of your friends and even many family members.  Your dog has needs and lifestyle requirements just as you.  Why not include your dog as your “gatekeeper” for you to achieve your goals?

In the same way as your dog watches you, you can watch your dog. It is a two-way street. Everybody watches everybody.  You may be thinking that this is really a hair-brained idea.  But it you think about it a minute, don’t you pay attention to your dog more than most of your friends and (again) many of your family members?

Your dog is always there and fun to be with.  How could you pick a better “keep me on the right path” partnership?

Now, what kind of New Year’s Resolutions would be best for you and your dog to make?  They have to be things that are beneficial to both of you and something that can fit into both of your daily routines.  Robin and I have some really great suggestions in our dog training article titled “What Are Some Good New Year’s Resolutions for Me and My Dog”.

New Year's Resolutions with You and Your Dog