Puppies are always so much fun because they are so playful and energetic.  We love to squeeze, kiss, tickle, pet, and cuddle them.  We love it when they respond with high energy and playfulness.  This all seems great, but is it the right thing?

Why not, of course it is! They are puppies and we are just playing with them!

The real answer is that it isn’t a good idea to constantly do all these things with our new puppy.  It is OK to play and interact with them, but in a way that they understand.  We must always be presenting a consistent learning experience for them.

When we first get our new puppy, he just came from his mother and siblings.  This was the start of a consistent and understandable learning experience for him.  We now have him and, quite frankly, we are just flat out crazy.  He doesn’t understand that we have no idea what we are doing and assumes it is just the continuation of his teaching process.

We need to present experiences and rules to our puppy that he can understand and have the ability to duplicate.  We need to teach him what is right and wrong.  His Mommy started to do that, and his siblings began to reinforce the process.  They are gone and the only one left is us.

Teaching does not mean “boring and not fun”.  It means appropriate for our puppy and our family.  It also includes a lot more than “Come, Sit, Stay”. Robin and I have a great dog training blog that will give you some great insight on getting your new puppy off on the right pay.  Please read our dog training article titled “What Are Some Good Tips for my New Puppy”.

Tips for your new puppy