There are very few “hard and fast” rules that Robin and I strongly discuss with our clients.  One of those “you really should never” rules we emphasize is never using an extension leash when walking your dog.  We have scene first hand that using the extension leash when walking your dog is a large safety hazard for both you and your dog.  Using the extension leash also is enforcing the wrong type of behavior with your dog that will propagate to other bad behavior problems.

So many people see people walking their dogs with an extension leash and think that the dog is walking wonderfully.  The problem with this arises when you start to examine what is really happening between the dog and the dog walker.  We have written a dog training article that emphasizes “Never Use an Extension Leash when Walking Your Dog” that explains what is really happening.  Please take a look at our dog training article and then get to the store to get a “normal dog leash”.

Never use an extension leash when walking your dog