We talk to many of our first-time clients who have purchased extension leashes to walk their new dog.  We tell them that even though they think the extension leash is just fine and everything will be great, it really isn’t.  We try to reinforce this with the things they don’t notice when they see other dog owners walking their dogs on extension leashes.

What they probably don’t notice is that the other dog isn’t even close to their owner and the other dog is probably sniffing plants, checking out squirrels, and doing whatever he wants to do.  What they also probably don’t notice is that as soon as the dog starts to tug on the extension leash, the owner probably “pushes the button” and gives their dog more leash.  That is when our client starts to give us that “Oh, that’s right” look.

We continue to explain that if there was a problem, the extension leash has no “reverse button” to get the dog back to the safety of the owner’s side.  With the dog away from the owner and focused on their own matters, it is next to impossible to get the dog’s attention if a problem arises.  This is when the client puts the extension leash into a drawer and asks us what to do.  Robin and I have a great article that resolves this problem. Please take a look at our dog training article titled “Can I Use an Extension Leash to Walk My Dog”.

Never use extension leashes if you want to safely walk your dog