It is truly amazing when you start to look at all the books, blogs, videos, and tips from friends and neighbors regarding how you should train your puppy. Do you use treats? Are you strict or do you let your puppy “feel his oats”?  Do you potty train inside or out?  Is he on the bed with you or in a crate?

These are all important questions that many new puppy owners may have, and they are all perfectly valid to ask.  The real question is, “Are they the critical questions?”.

Let’s think that training your new puppy is like building a house.  You will need a whole lot of tools and all sorts of building and finishing material.  They are all critical into the construction of the house.

Even though you have all of these things, you still need to use the tools and material to create a strong foundation first.  Without a strong foundation, all the other tools and materials, even if used properly, will not create you a great house.

The same is true when it comes to training your new puppy.  You need to establish a strong foundation in order to successfully train and socialize him to be a great dog and wonderful member of your family.

You must establish a learning environment and implement training exercises that build a strong foundation for your puppy.  You must implement scenarios that enforce your puppy’s feeling of safety and wellbeing.  This is necessary to create the appropriate relationship between your puppy, you, and your family.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that reviews what you can do to create the needed foundation in your puppy’s training and socialization program.  Please read our puppy training article titled “Are There Any More Tips I Need to Know for my New Puppy”.

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