Robin and I have always had a gaggle of dogs and over the last twenty years they have always been on all of our trips.  With so many dogs, it should be pretty obvious that we don’t do a lot of flying.  We always pile them in the car and off we go.  When we are driving down the street or on the interstate, it looks like National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation, except the back of the car is filled with dogs of all sizes.

We try to plan our trips as best as we can, making sure that all our stops are “dog friendly”, our destination has places that our dogs can run and have a good time, and that our activities will coincide with our dogs’ temperaments.

The problem is “life happens” and one or more of our dogs may come down with something, sprain something, or a host of other medical things that just happen to dogs.  Even after the visit to the Vet Hospital, there may be medicines, ointments, or other “medical things” that we will have to perform on our dog.

This normally does not pose a problem because if anything unusual or unplanned happens because of the medicine or procedures we are performing on our dog, we can always go right back to the Vet and work on a “Plan B”.  It is really hard to implement a “Plan B” when you are on the middle of the interstate or a cabin in the woods.

We need to take extra steps to assure that our “Marcus Welby activities” (Google it…) while on the road provide the results we expect.  Robin and I have a great article that can help. Please take a look at our new blog titled “What Do I Do When My Dog Needs Medicine and We Are Going on a Trip”.

What to do about medications for your dog on a trip