Christmas Day is probably the best day of the year.  It is great because we are in the middle of the Holiday Season with all the shopping, parties, friends, and trips.  It is also great because, even when it is over, we still have the run up to New Year’s Day.  With all this said, it is a unique day in many ways.

We do things on Christmas Day that we normally don’t do any other day of the year.  We all get up really, really early.  We have actually brought a big and smelly tree into the house and plopped it down right in the middle of the living room.  We run around, ripping boxes open and getting all excited about what is inside.  There are so much more things we do, but I will stop her.

As we are having all this fun, it is important that we pause and turn to our dog.  What is he thinking?  First of all, he is wondering why you didn’t take him outside to potty this morning.  You do that first thing every other day of the year.  Where is his breakfast?  Why are you doing all those crazy things that normally mean “play with me” and you don’t pay attention to him.  If he tries to engage you, you get mad and push him away.  This is not a happy time for your dog.

Just as in “Home Alone”, you went off to celebrate Christmas and you left your dog alone and forgotten.

The great news is that Christmas Day is fun, and it would be even better with the engagement of your very best four-legged, naked, furry friend.  You simply need to understand how to maintain his schedule and include him in the fun.  We have a great dog training article that explains all this. Please read our blog article titled “How Do I Make Christmas Day Special for My Dog”.

Make Christmas Day special for my dog