It is always annoying and sometimes dangerous when your dog pushes ahead of you when you walk from room to room or through the door to the outside of the house.  Besides dangerous and annoying, it is actually showing disrespect and your dog’s lack of acknowledgement that you are his leader and protector.

You always hear the term “The leader always leads” and “Leader of the pack”.  Well, that is exactly what your dog is doing when he pushes ahead of you.  He is taking leadership from you.  When this takes place, he will also stop focusing on you and obeying you in other situations.  Why should he? He is the boss and you have done nothing to tell him otherwise.

It is important that you are the boss.  We have a great and simple dog training exercise to make sure your dog always respectfully waits for you to go through the door or any opening first.  This will confirm your leadership in his eyes and will allow you to easily continue your training program. Please read our article on “How do I Get My Dog from Running through the Door Before Me”.

Do not let your dog run through the door before you.