Believe it or not, Halloween is the most popular holiday of the year.  It is even more popular than Christmas.  People go crazy and do wild things on this day.  There are so many people in strange costumes, scary sights and sounds put up all over the neighborhood and city that were never there the other 364 days of the year.

There is a constant flow of strangers coming to your door. Some of these strangers seem to jump, scream, and even leap at you when you open the door.  Even it you look through the windows, there are shadows and sights that you have never seen before.  Everything has changed instantly.

Welcome to the holiday and ritual of Halloween.  If you can recall, our parents prepared us for this when we were very small children.  They introduced things slowly, explained what was happening, showed us that it was all just for fun, and gave us CANDY.

How did you prepare your dog for Halloween?  Just as I thought…

You need to prepare your dog for all the unique experiences he will experience when ghosts and goblins come to your door, strange sights appear at the window, or you are taking a walk during trick or treat.  You must show him that you are still in charge and that this is “just another day”.

Robin and I have compiled some simple tips for Halloween in our new Dog Training Blog Article titled “How Do I Keep My Dog Safe on Halloween”. Please take a look so that everyone, including your dog, can enjoy the holiday.

Steps you need to heek your dog safe on Halloween