When someone comes to the front door, it is often an event that causes adrenaline and many “mixed signals”.  If you think about it, the house is normally quiet and consistent.  Suddenly, a bell rings or there are pounding knocks at the front of the house.  We rush to the door and our dog needs to instantly decide if everything is fine.

Dogs, like people, are very territorial.  When someone comes to the edge of our territory, they need to determine if they are “friend of foe”. They often look to us for that answer.   Based on that answer, they will either “calmly ignore” or “actively engage”.

We often do not send the right signal or send no signal at all.  Given this “confusion”, our dog normally defaults into their “actively engage” mode.  That is where all the excited barking, running, and jumping is coming from.  Robin and I have a great training tip that will solve this issue for you.  Please read our dog training article titled “How Do I Keep My Dog Calm At The Front Door”.

Make sure that answering the front door with your dog is calm and safe.