July 4th is one of our most iconic American holidays.  It is the day we all celebrate being us.  We have barbecues, shoot off fireworks, watch parades, listen to bands play John Philip Sousa, and share a fun time with our family and friends. It is a wonderful time for us, but not for our dogs.

To our dogs, this day can be a frightful nightmare.  Many dogs are afraid of loud noises and the flashes of fireworks can disorient them.  Having strange people, smells, and sounds invading their normally calm and consistent environment can make them very fearful.  Taking them to hectic, crowded public places can also put them at risk.  As I said, “nightmare”.

We need to find a way to make sure that our dogs feel safe and secure during this time.  This is because it is our responsibility to our dogs to make this happen.  Also, we love our dogs and want to have them share in our good times on this day too.  Robin and I have written a great article that helps out in this respect.   Make July Fourth great for you and your dog by reading our article titled “How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy on July Fourth.

The 4th of July can be very scary for your dog. Keep him safe and happy on this American holiday.