If you have been to any large event with a lot of people, you will often see the Master of Ceremonies stand up at the front of the crowd and yell at the top of his voice “Are you having fun yet!”.  This often generates a rockus response of yelling, cheering, and screaming.  The MC was trying to determine if we were all having fun.  Were we happy?

As humans, what makes us happy can vary greatly depending on our mood, our nature, our location, and a host of other attributes. What makes one person happy might even make another person very, very sad.  We are complicated creatures and, thus, our emotions are equally as complicated.

As Robin and I have pointed out for so many years, our dogs are not complicated.  They are magnificently simple in most of their actions and emotions.  With that said, in the same manner that we want to be happy, our dogs want to be happy too.

The question that we must address is what makes our dogs happy.  Only then can we know what to do to make our dogs happy.

Our dogs don’t want diamonds or rings or fancy things.  Relationships, security, health, and social bonding are the things that are important to them.  They are happiest when those things are properly balanced in their lives.  As dog owners, we need to understand how to provide them to our dogs.

Like us, every dog is different. For example, what most effectively provides one dog with social bonding may be different for another.  Robin and I have a great dog training blog that helps explain this and gives you some tips on what you should do to make your dog happy.  Please take a look at our article titled “Is My Dog Happy”.

Make your dog happy