As we have discussed many times in the past, you are the boss and you can decide what you want your dog to do and not do.  Bring the boss can be a lot of fun because that means you can decide whatever you want to do and what you want other people and your dog to do.

Being the boss also comes with a great deal of responsibility.  When you allow yourself or the people and dogs around you to do or not do things, the results are your responsibility.  With this said, the rules that you are making are very important and need to be established in an appropriate way.

You may still think that this is not that big a deal, but you may be missing the point.  Most people have a lot of experience in setting rules, boundaries, and guidelines for other humans.  As humans, we are also very well equipped in understanding what to do when rules are imposed on us.

The issue that we must face is that our dog does not understand rules in the same way as us.  This dichotomy when it comes to rules versus actions causes confusion and sometimes angst between us and our best furry friend.

Robin and I have a great article that explains this dichotomy and will help you answer the question “Should I Allow My Dog to Sometimes be Crazy Inside the House?”  To give you a hint, it all revolves around one word in the question I just asked.  Good Reading!

Should you allow your dog to be nuts inside