Can you remember the best class you ever took and the best teacher you ever had? It might take a moment, but you will probably remember the teacher but probably might not remember the class.

Although we now live in an on-line world where you never have to see your teacher or participate in a real classroom to learn, I still feel that the human interaction, ability to observe, and create relationships is just as important in the learning experience as the facts that we learn.

Maybe this is because we are all social animals and need that one-on-one connection, trust, and sense of commitment to feel comfortable in expanding out in the world to unknown things.

Our dogs are social animals as are we.  We need to ask ourselves if they may need a proper relationship with their teacher in order to learn.  Can that relationship, if needed, be transferred between one to another?  These are all interesting questions.

Robin and I have a great blog article that tries to answer these questions regarding the need tor a proper relationship to foster successful training and obedience.  Please take a moment to read our article titled “Why is it Important That I Train My Dog”.

The importance of training your dog