Robin and I have trained many dogs and have found that their surroundings are very important in the training process.  When they are in a calm and sedate environment, it is very easy to get their focus and to teach them.  If the dog is in the middle of a “three ring circus”, they are way too busy “chasing the elephants” than listening to what you want them to do.

Just remember when we were in school.  It was always quiet and calm.  That allowed our teacher to get our attention and then to teach us our lesson.  The same thing is true when you are training your dog.  Since you are normally training your dog at your home, it is important that your home is calm when you are training your dog.  Well, sometimes our home is just darn crazy and it is hard to make it any other way.  We have a great dog training article on “How to Train Your Dog When Your Family is Crazy”.  Please read it today so you can easily and effectively train your dog.

Train your dog even if your family is crazy