Usually, the second question most dog owners ask a trainer is “What are your methods?”.  (The first is normally “How much?”.)  This is a very logical and important question that a dog owner should ask.  It helps them understand if they will feel comfortable in implementing the methods they will be taught.  If they will not be comfortable or will not implement the methods, the training will fail.

Although very important, Robin and I believe that the more important question is “How do you talk to my dog?”.  You see, “method” will help you determine if the dog trainer is a good teacher.  He may be the best dog teacher in the universe.  But, if he can’t communicate with your dog, he can’t teach.

Dogs, like humans, are wonderful communicators.  If you don’t believe me, go to a dog park and just watch.  You will see “complete stranger” dogs come together, create a pecking order, deliver instructions, and then implement their orders.  Simply put, they will play.

And, this all took place by a few moments of communication between them that took place right in front of you.  You probably didn’t notice what happened.  That is because, although you use the same communication tools as your dog, your dog places a different emphasis on the tools that he uses.

Robin and I have a great hint in a dog training blog we just finished that will help you communicate with your dog and get him to listen.  Please read our dog training blog titled “What is the Best Way to Get My Dog to Listen”.

How Dogs Talk