We often think it is cute that our dog jumps in our lap and “asks to be fed by hand”.  We naturally do this and, very quickly, it becomes a “constant thing”.  This small, seemingly harmless indulgence that we have allowed our dog can quickly get out of hand.

First, do you always have the time to feed your dog by hand for every meal?   Do you understand that the more you are doing this, the more your dog is learning that he can command you to do other things?

The bottom line is that you really should have your dog eat from their dog bowl.  This is just better for so many reasons.  Learn about those reasons and how to easily teach your dog to eat from their dog bowl by reading our article on “How do I Teach My Dog to Eat from their Bowl?” today.  If nothing else, you will no longer have dog food crumbs on your lap and between the pillows of your sofa.

You do not want your dog demanding you to do things for him. That goes for his feeding habits as well. Teach your dog to eat from his dog bowl and not beg you to feed him by hand