The “standard response” from almost every dog owner that can’t get their dog’s attention is “My dog doesn’t listen to me”.  If you think about it for a moment, that is looking at the issue from a rather cavalier and arrogant perspective.

As humans, we somehow believe that our dogs naturally have the ability to understand what we are saying and are always waiting for us to tell them what to do next.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that often focuses on “self” and doesn’t take the time to understand what is really going on around us.

There are many things that humans and dogs have in common.  If there weren’t, we might have chickens as pets instead of dogs.  Dogs, like us, are social creatures that need a group to survive. Dogs, like us, can easily communicate between each other.  So, if dogs and humans have so much in common, why isn’t my dog listening to me?

The answer lies, as I stated earlier, in our arrogance.  It isn’t that our dog isn’t listening.  He is always listening.  The problem is that we aren’t communicating in a manner that our dog understands.  Think of the old Charlie Brown cartoon where he is in the classroom and his teacher is talking to him.  All he hears is “Waa waa waa waa waa waa”.

We need discover the methods that our dog uses to communicate and then replicate that method to communicate our needs and desires to him.  The excellent news is that our dog uses the same basic communication building blocks that we use.  He simply uses them in a slightly different manner with a different level of emphasis.

Robin and I have a great article that will unlock your dog’s communication process and allow you to easily communicate with him.  Please take a moment and read our article titled “How Do I Talk to My Dog”.

Properly talk to your dog