I think we all can agree that having our dog dig up the back yard is an awfully bad habit.  Like all bad habits, some of them are harder to break than others.  It is important for us to discover why this habit started in the first place.  If we do not understand why our dog is doing something, we can never start down the appropriate path of modifying or eliminating that action.

Being dog trainers, Robin and I have “watched many dogs for a very long time”.  If we were asked to list what dogs do, we would normally list things like barking, jumping, walking, coming, playing, chasing, and other natural doggie things.  Although “digging” is never one of the first things that come to mind, it is an action that they do and one that can be very annoying.  We don’t want our manicured back yard to become a mining pit.

As with most bad habits, the underlying causes are often innocent and even benign. Our dog jumps on us when we come home. We hate the fact that he is jumping on us and getting us dirty, but we can’t fault the fact that he loves us and is happy to see us.  Our dog may bark at the front window while we are watching TV and that is annoying us.  We don’t like this, but it is his way of warning us that there is something outside.  We don’t get mad when our doorbell rings or the outside motion detector lights go on at night.

We need to understand why our dog is digging up the back yard.  Only then can we create the appropriate teaching environment that can eliminate or redirect his inappropriate action. Robin and I have a great dog training article that helps you  identify why your dog is digging and the appropriate steps to stop the digging. Please read our dog training article titled “How Do I Stop My Dog from Digging”.

Stop your dog from digging in the back yard