Just as it is with everything, some of us love to travel and some of us would feel just fine if we never had to go farther than the neighborhood grocery store for the rest of our lives.  I personally love the freedom of road trips and hate the confusion and complexity of airports and plane flights.

Even though I like to travel by car rather than plane, it does not mean that I would not use either means of transportation.  It simply means that, after appropriate experiences, I have made a decision of liking one over the other.

So what if I had never experienced a road trip or a plane flight?  I would have no idea what to expect and, because of that, be very nervous of what “strange things” I could encounter.  These “strange things” could be things I may like or they could be very scary things that could even hurt me.  I have no idea.  If I were a risk taker, I would say “Go for it!”  I am not a risk taker and would be very pensive if I had to encounter this new experience.

Dogs crave safety.  They learn through repetition and consistency.  From their perspective, throwing them into something completely new and different does not guarantee their safety or give them the ability to learn that it may be safe.

A “Road Trip” with all the unique sights and smells, strange experiences in hotel rooms, being left alone, unknown people, etc. can be a terrifying time for your dog.  It does not have to be that way. Robin and I have a great dog training article that will help you and your dog have a great Holiday Road Trip. Please read our blog titled “How Do I Prepare My Dog for Long Holiday Car Trips and Roadside Hotel Rooms”.

Prepare Your Dog for the Holiday Road Trip and Hotel Rooms