Visiting your parents or going to your brother’s house over the holidays can often be a fun time.  You haven’t seen them for a while and there may be a lot of things you like to do together.  Sparking old memories and even seeing other friends are always exciting possibilities.

But, as we all know, with every good thing there is always a not so good thing.  Many of these family members may live thousands of miles away.  That is normally way too far to drive and nobody takes trains any more.

That means that we are going to have to fly “the friendly skies”. The only problem is that unless you own a private jet or always travel first class, those skies aren’t so friendly anymore.  Let’s face it, flying is not the fun and exciting event it used to be many years ago.  There is trying to find a parking place at the airport, the security and check-in lines, large crowds of people, flight delays, lost luggage, and much more.

It that isn’t bad enough, you want to take your dog on the plane trip to see your family.  He is going to have no idea what is going on.  Putting him in such an unknown and scary environment is not fair to him and will probably get you kicked off the plane.  So, what can you do?

Robin and I have a great dog training article with proactive steps that you can take to prepare your dog for the flight.  Please take a moment to read our dog training blog titled “How Do I Prepare My Dog for a Christmas Visit Plane Flight”.

How Do I Prepare My dog for a Christmas Plane flight