I can’t think of many people that I have known in my life who didn’t love going for a car ride.  On top of that, I can’t think of a single person I have known in my life who hasn’t needed to use the car as a mandatory part of living their life. We use our car to commute to work every day. We use the car to go to the grocery store. We often go on vacation in our cars.  We even go to the dentist in our car.

My great grandparents were the first to drive cars and they just got in (after turning the crank) and sped off at five or ten miles per hour.  It wasn’t until my parents had been driving cars for a while where we “became serious” about car safety.  Too many people were being run over, too many people were being thrown out of the car, and too many people were dying when they crashed their car.

As a society, we began to understand that there was a price for our cars and that price was risk of harm and death.  We loved our cars but weren’t too thrilled about death. We had to do something.

As I have stated many times, I am old. This means I remember things that most people only read in the history books.  I remember the first TV show that talked about car seat belts.  It was the Danny Thomas Show and back then, they called them “safety belts”.

We eventually got used to safety belts.  Then came shoulder harnesses. Then came air bags.  Now we have “radar” that will tell us if we are about to “do something stupid”.  We have done something about “safety”.

But, what about our pets?  Robin and I have a great dog training article that explains what you should know about keeping your dog safe in your car. Please take a look at our dog training blog titled “How Do I Keep My Puppy Safe When We Are in The Car”.

Dog car safety