Most of our “parent life” is consumed with worries on how we are keeping our children safe. Keeping our kids safe and giving them the sense of security is paramount in their development into wonderful adults.  It is all that “circle of life” stuff.

So, what do we do?  We research the best baby food when we finally bring them home from the hospital.  We make sure that there is nothing “pointy” in their cribs or around their play area.  We have more cameras monitoring them 24/7 than you would find in any bank or high security facility.

We learn how to hold them just right so that their heads are supported and that they are warm enough.  We even research the best detergent to use that will be soothing for newborn skin. We do everything we can think of to protect, nurture, and guide them.

With all of this said, and being a parent myself, it is always amazing when it comes to parents having their dogs around their newborns.  Many parents extrapolate their dogs’ behavior before the baby to their dogs’ behavior once the baby is introduced into the family.  There is a major and obvious flaw in this line of thought and analytical process.

The flaw is “the baby”.  In reality, parents should assume that they know very little of how their dog will react when they bring home their newborn. Robin and I have put together a great blog with lots of tips on how to keep your newborn safe with your dogs.  Please check out our article titled “How Do I Keep My Newborn Baby Safe Around My Dogs”.

Safety for your Newborn Baby and Dogs