Like we were young and we had to learn the classic “Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmatic”, the “Stay Command” is one of the classic obedience commands that are taught to most dogs.  The problem that many people have with this command is that they don’t realize that it consists of several steps and several levels.

When our teachers originally taught us that one plus one equals two, they understood that there was still a long road and many steps that they needed to teach us before we could solve binomial equations.  The same concept is true when we start to teach our dog to stay.

We need to take our time and understand the proper steps and following levels of the command that all need to be carefully administered and successfully completed before we can really say “My dog can stay”.  Robin and I are going to share our training process with you and give you the tools to successfully have your dog stay on command.  Please learn all about this process by reading our dog training article on “How do I Get My Dog to Stay”.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can get your dog to stay.

Teach your dog to stay