Robin and I make our livelihood as dog trainers because of this specific question.  Our clients can’t get their dog to obey them.  They try all sort of (often weird) techniques to have their precious pooch stop nipping them or dropping the TV remote or coming to them when called.  None of their actions work and often make the situation even worse.

The amusing thing is (at least to Robin and me) that these same people may be presidents of large companies, teachers, or parents with wonderful kids.  For some reason they can be highly successful in getting family members, students, employees, or even strangers to obey them but they can’t get that cute, little puppy to stop chewing their slipper.

What happens next is that they get mad and do the same thing that wasn’t working before.  They do it over and over again and get more and more angry that “it isn’t working”. When this is taking place, my question to them is “So, how did this work when you used this technique on your kids, students, or employees? How did that work?”

Light bulbs start to go off in their head that they may be “going down the wrong path”.  That is the teaching moment that Robin and I are always searching for.  That is the moment where our clients are ready to understand the real and quite simple solution to their problem of getting their dog to obey.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that clearly explains what you need to do to have an attentive and obedient dog. Please read our blog titled “How Do I Get My Dog to Obey”.

Teach your dog to obey you