“School days, school days; Dear old golden rule days…”.  None of us relished the fact of going back to school and being away from the things we loved to do.  It was a major change from riding our bikes and going to the beach to waiting for the bus and remembering to bring the right books to class.


This timeless experience has changed radically for our kids this year.  With that said, many of our school officials are trying to keep this year as close to “our golden rule” days as possible.  Many of our children will leave home, get on the big yellow bus, and spend the day in “socially spaced” classrooms.

We have told our kids what expect when they go back to school.  Their biggest issue wasn’t that they will have an empty desk between them and their friends, it was that they have to go to school.  They will quickly get over it and will be just fine.

The one member of our household that “never got the memo” about the start of school is our family dog.  He has been engulfed in interactive social activities for the last six months.  His reality paradigm has shifted to 24/7 social interaction and he is loving it.  Since dogs are extremely social creatures, this “new reality” is wonderful and he sees no end in sight.

But wait!  The first day of school arrives and his world is now devoid of social interaction.  There was no warning and no explanation.  There wasn’t even a transition.  The abruptness of this absolute change will often cause our dogs to become frightened, anxious, destructive, and possibly aggressive.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that will prepare your dog for the start of school.  Please read our blog titled “How Do I Get My Dog Ready for the Start of School”.

School starts again and your dog needs to be prepared