There seems to be nothing more iconic than seeing dogs and their owners out for a neighborhood walk or taking our dog out for a walk after we get home and before dinner time.  We look through the neighborhood and see all types of dogs on leashes walking with their masters, enjoying the fresh air, checking out all the smells (normally the dog), and greeting neighbors.

But, what happens when our dog is just completely nuts, pulls the leash, tries to chase everything, knocks us down, and possibly hurts us?  What if we have tried everything we could have imagined to stop our dog’s bad behavior and disrespect only to discover that things are getting worse?  Do we have to give up our walks, stay inside, and glance through the front windows only to see our neighbors and their dogs having wonderful walks?

Well, the answer is “No”.  First of all, this article assumes that your dog is not only crazy (as described above), but also big.  That inference would have been drawn from the discussion of your possible injuries while walking your dog.   When we have big and crazy dogs, they normally act out by doing “big and crazy” things to us.  The super strong pulling, not paying attention, and seemingly unending amount of adrenaline are all descriptions of our dog while on the walk.

We need to counteract these actions if we ever expect to have a calm and happy walk with our dog.  The problem is that when we are confronted with “high energy and force”, we normally respond with “high energy and force”.  We do thing that normally increase our dog’s adrenaline and even (unknown to us) encourage their crazy behavior.

We need to respond and even proactively act in such a way that will teach our dog what is right, regain their focus, and calm them down.  We need to create our own learning environment that brings the focus back to us and away from the “continual craziness” of our dog.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that provides a great exercise to counteract your dog’s crazy, adrenalized behavior while walking.  We have used it many times with great success.  Please read our article titled “How Do I Get My Big and Crazy Dog to Behave on a Walk”.

Walking a Crazy Big Dog